Hey there, I'm excited for you to be here! I'm Alex and I have a passion for food and fitness. Growing up a Boy/Eagle Scout the love for the outdoors was ingrained in me from the start. However, my story goes like most...once I went to college I became overweight, unhappy, and found my days consisting of cheetos, pizza, and let's face it - one too many beers on Friday night. 

I then met my lovely wife Lauren (the mastermind behind the popular Paleo food blog, Wicked Spatula) who was in the same boat except cheetos was Chick-Fil-A. We decided to shape up our diet and in return I shaped up too. After cutting out all fast and processed food I dropped 80+ pounds and have kept it off since. 

Now my days are spent running, biking, swimming, or hiking (well, when I'm not working or being Lauren's "assistant" ;)  Functional exercise is what I love most. To fuel these adventures I've found my happy spot with a keto style diet, low-carb/high fat/moderate protein. This isn't your "eat a 48oz ribeye for dinner" style blog. I focus on whole foods - tons of plants, high quality grass-fed, pastured, or wild caught proteins, and healthy fats. Plus, all of the recipes on Cast Iron Keto will be 100% gluten-free. While I've never been formally diagnosed with a gluten intolerance I notice that I feel and perform better without it.  

So THANK YOU for being here!