Hey there, I'm excited for you to be here! I'm Alex and I have a passion for food and fitness. Growing up a Boy/Eagle Scout the love for the outdoors was ingrained in me from the start. However, my story goes like most...once I went to college I became overweight, unhappy, and found my days consisting of cheetos, pizza, and let's face it - one too many beers on Friday night. 

I then met my lovely wife Lauren who was in the same boat except cheetos was Chick-Fil-A. We decided to shape up our diet and in return I shaped up too. After cutting out all fast and processed food I dropped 80+ pounds and have kept it off since. 

Now my days are spent running, biking, swimming, hiking, and traveling full-time in a 33 ft RV across America. Functional exercise is what I love most. To fuel these EPIC adventures I've found my happy spot with a keto style diet, low-carb/high fat/moderate protein. This isn't your "eat a 48oz ribeye for dinner" style blog. I focus on whole foods - tons of plants, high quality grass-fed, pastured, or wild caught proteins, and healthy fats. Plus, all of the recipes on Cast Iron Keto will be 100% gluten-free. While I've never been formally diagnosed with a gluten intolerance I notice that I feel and perform better without it.  

So THANK YOU for being here! 


Hi! I’m Lauren, the other half of Cast Iron Keto working behind the scenes with Alex to create delicious and EASY keto recipes with stunning photographs to inspire you to create a life you love through functional food that fuels YOUR epic adventures! Back in 2012 I founded the Paleo food blog, Wicked Spatula. After years of building my portfolio Alex and I decided to join together to create Cast Iron Keto as well as our creative content agency Healthful Creative. It’s a blast getting to work alongside Alex on a day-to-day basis! We hope that you love our recipes!