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Dairy and Non-Dairy

Dairy products have long been a staple in many diets, offering a rich source of essential nutrients and flavors that enhance various culinary creations. In recent years, with the rising popularity of the keto diet, dairy has taken on a unique role.

We love dairy on keto as it’s high in fat and has moderate protein levels, which fit right into those keto macros we're all about. But here's the twist – sometimes, it’s not easy to get into ketosis if you consume too much dairy! So that’s why we suggest you stick to our comprehensive database of food items, and check if your favorite dairy products are keto or not.

Non-dairy alternatives have soared in popularity, offering a fantastic option for those with dietary restrictions or preferences. From almond milk to coconut yogurt, these alternatives are designed to mimic the taste and texture of traditional dairy while providing unique nutritional benefits. They're an excellent choice for vegan, lactose-intolerant, and environmentally conscious consumers, making it easier than ever to enjoy dairy-free versions of your favorite foods. Use our database to learn more about your favorite keto non-dairy products.