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Is Wine Keto-Friendly?

If you're starting the keto diet, you may be wondering, "Is Wine Keto-Friendly?" and how you can enjoy your favorite wine on keto. Not all wines can be included in the keto and low-carb regime, but most high-quality wines without added sugar can absolutely be a part of your keto journey.

Wine and Ketosis

At Cast Iron Keto, we consider all alcohol "dirty keto" as it can impact ketosis.

Drinking alcohol puts ketosis on hold. As soon as you drink, your liver shifts its focus from making ketones to breaking down the alcohol. While a single glass of wine might not completely kick you out of ketosis, it does put a damper on the process.

Basically, your body prioritizes getting rid of the alcohol in your blood and over-burning through your fat and glucose reserves.

How to drink wine on keto?

Enjoying wine while sticking to a keto diet is all about choosing the right types. Not all wines are created equal when it comes to carb content. Generally, dry wines are your best bet, as they contain fewer carbs than their sweet counterparts.

  • Aromatized Wine: Varies widely due to added ingredients, but can be around 10-15g of carbs per serving.
  • Dessert Wine: High in sugar, with carb counts ranging from 14g to 20g per serving.
  • Ice Wine: Very sweet with high carb content, typically around 20-25g per serving.
  • Red Wine: Dry red wines average about 3-4g of carbs per serving.
  • Rose Wine: Dry roses typically contain around 2-3g of carbs per serving.
  • Sparkling Wine: Dry varieties like Brut may have about 2-3g of carbs per serving, while sweeter types will be higher.
  • White Wine: Dry whites range from 2-4g of carbs per serving, with sweeter varieties being higher.

For keto-friendly wine options, focus on:

  • Dry Reds and Whites: These wines are lower in carbs, generally ranging from 2-4g per serving.
  • Brut Sparkling Wines: Also low in carbs, offering around 2-3g per serving.

Always remember to check the specific wine you're considering, as carb counts can vary. And, as always, moderation is key to maintaining ketosis while enjoying wine. Feel free to explore our database and learn more about how to enjoy wine on keto.