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Keto Pantry Staples

Keto Pantry Staples

Keeping a well stocked pantry is key to any successful home kitchen. When you have a well stocked keto pantry it makes cooking, planning, and shopping so much easier plus you’ll save $$$ by not having to opt for takeout when your fridge is a bit bare. With a stocked pantry you’ll have key keto essentials on hand for easy meals no matter what.

This list is meant to lead to a very well curated pantry but I’ll bet you already have a ton of these items on hand, even if you’re new to the Keto diet. Once your pantry is well stocked it’s easy to fill in as needed when things run out. I’ve linked each item to our favorite recommendations which are usually the most cost effective / high quality products available. We’ve been developing recipes full-time for 6 years now so you can trust our recommendations, promise! All of these are linked to our affiliate Amazon page which allows you to stock your pantry in one fell swoop without even leaving your house - who doesn’t love that?!

Let’s get to it!

Keto Flours

We typically keep 3 flours on hand, almond, coconut, and psyllium husks. Not only for baking, almond flour and coconut flour can be used for breading as well! We keep our flours in these large glass storage containers which making scooping and measuring super easy and mess free.

flour collage.png


Along with flours you’ll need to keep a few baking essentials on hand. These are handy when a late night sweet tooth attacks and all you want is a skillet cookie.

baking collage.png

Keto Sweeteners

Keto sweeteners are controversial with a lot of folks not opting for healthy choices. Artificial sweeteners are linked to loads of health problems making them scarier than cane sugar. We opt to use Swerve, a brand name for erythritol that measures and tastes JUST like regular sugar, our favorites are linked below along with a stevia drop perfect for your coffee if that’s your thing and even a keto friendly maple syrup.

sugar collage.png


I believe in spices, they are a simple and affordable way to make your food taste amazing without much effort. These are the spices we have on hand at all times - yes, this list is long but once you’re stocked filling in will be much easier. We use these spice jars, label them and store them in alphabetical order for easy grabbing.

We haven’t linked spices below but we typically but Frontier Co-Op, Simply Organic, or any organic spice brand.

spices collage.png
  • paprika

  • garlic powder

  • garlic salt

  • onion powder

  • cumin

  • garam masala

  • taco seasoning

  • salt

  • peppercorn

  • chili powder

  • ginger

  • nutmeg

  • turmeric

  • saffron

  • Italian seasoning

  • rosemary

  • sage

  • thyme

  • parsley

  • poppy seeds

  • sesame seeds

  • everything bagel seasoning

  • garlic chips

  • onion chips

  • oregano

  • cinnamon

  • dill

  • mustard seed

  • curry powder

  • crushed red pepper

  • sugar-free furikake

Canned / Jarred

Canned food is a lifesaver when your fridge is running low on fresh food. Sardines and tuna can make easy meals as can a jar of tomato sauce. I bet you’ll always have items you could throw in a pot with tomato sauce and call it a stew. Here’s an idea:

  • jar of crushed tomatoes

  • Italian seasoning

  • olive oil

  • canned tuna

  • canned olives

  • garlic + onion (or dried spices if you don’t have these on hand)

Simply heat the oil, toast the spices, add in the remaining ingredients and simmer for 5-10 minutes - now you’ve got an easy dinner that was 100% from your pantry!

We source pole caught tuna and sustainable proteins like pastured canned chicken. Trader Joes has great prices on organic/sustainable canned foods!

  • tuna

  • salmon

  • chicken

  • sardines

  • anchovies

  • fire roasted tomatoes

  • green chilies

  • crushed tomatoes

  • chipotle peppers in adobo

  • nut butters

  • coconut butter

  • olives

Fats / Oils / Vinegars

No keto recipe exists without some healthy fats, these are our go-tos.

fats collage.png

Nuts / Seeds / Snacks

Easy trail mix, late night or mid day munchies - nuts, seeds, and meat bars have your snack back! No links below for the nuts/seeds as we suggest utilizing the bulk section at your local grocer.



Whether you make and can your own broth or opt for a store bought broth, make sure you always have broth on hand for soups, stews, and sipping. One of my favorite breakfasts is bone broth with an egg yolk and whatever veggie leftovers I have on hand. Our favorite store-bought brand is linked below!



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